A responsible position in a company, which will utilize my knowledge, skills and talent in Art,
Sculpture, Ceramics, and Teaching Profession

Summary: Over 25 years experience in Teaching Art to different age groups, children of 6-12 years old in particular. The main aspects of the Art activity include: learning the bases of Composition and practicing different Techniques/ Ceramics, mastering Oil and Aquarelle/Drawing, applying different Clay Techniques/Modeling and practicing various Techniques of Decoration. High professional level is supported by participation in numerous international exhibitions and seminars, working in prestigious studios with distinguished artists. My art possesses its individual characteristics in combining Refined Art with an uncommon Application of Color and in regard to the Techniques and Materials.

Lviv State Art Academy, Ukraine 1970-1975
Major in Sculpture
Studio of Lisenko, Distinguished in Art, 1968-1970
Ceramics Studio of the Ukraine Association of Painters 1968-1970
Ceramics Studies in Riga 1986


1998 - now - St. Volodymyr Cathedral School, duties performed:
- School Principle, Organizing Concerts and Festivals
- Art and Rhetoric Teacher
1998-1999 - Kent State University, duties performed:
- Ukrainian Language Teacher and Consultant
1997 - now - Owner and Manager of "Svitlitsya" Art Gallery, duties performed:
- Organizing and managing Ukrainian Artists Exhibitions
- Personal Exhibitions
1997 - now - Owner and Manager of the Youth Art Studio, duties performed:
- Teaching Ceramics, Drawing and Decoration for children and
adult groups
1995-1997 - Teacher of the St. Volodymyr Cathedral School, duties performed:
- Art and Ukrainian Language Teacher

Experience :

1993-1995 - Teacher of the St. Josaphat Ukrainian Cathedral, duties performed:
- Art and Ukrainian Language Teacher
1978-1979 - Professor of the Extension Courses for Art Teachers,
Lviv, Ukraine
1975-1979 - Manager of the Youth Art Studio, Lviv Ukraine, duties performed:
- Teaching Art, Ceramics, Drawing
- Organizing Exhibitions, Concerts


2000 - now - Fellow of the UCCR Educational Council
1986 - now - Fellow of the USSR Painters Association

And Awards:

International and Domestic Exhibitions:
- USA - Exhibition of the Association of Ukrainians, Cleveland, 1999
- Canada - Youth Art Studio Exhibitions, 1998, 1999
- France - Personal Exhibition, 1976
- Check Republic - Personal Exhibition, 1977
- Russia - Personal Exhibition, 1975
- Ukraine - Exhibitions of Women-Sculptors Association, Personal Exhibitions 1975-1994

International Awards for pupils and studio work
- Germany - Exhibition "Druzhba", 1976
- Check Republic - International Exhibitions, 1977-1979

Radio and TV:

Youth Art, the book which is going to be published by the end of the year
Over 40 publications on Art (Urban Shampen University, The Ukrainian Weekly, Visnik and other)
Over 30 students' works published in The Ukrainian Weekly - since 1995
Radio Program Svitlitsya - since 1997
TV Program Art Workshop - 1980 -1984


English - intermediate level
Polish, Russian, Ukrainian - fluently